Aqua Adventures

(A.K.A.  A Class on Water, Physics & Fluid Dynamics for Small People)

Water, water everywhere!  How does it flow through our lives?  We will explore these issues and many more in Aqua Adventures.  Because, what kid doesn’t like to get wet, slosh around in the mud and the rain and float toys down the stream?

It’s time to dive deep into water!  We will learn how we use water for many things every day. Where does our water come from?  How does it get to us?  Is the water cleaned or treated before we can use it?  Why is it important to use water wisely?  We will explore all these issues by doing fun tech projects. Then, we will build Junior FIRST LEGO League models to display our ideas for improving a part of our water’s journey.

Next, we will dive into fluid dynamics – the study of how water flows. Why does water flow up and not down?  How does it flow around a boat’s hull?  Why are duck’s feet better than yours for swimming?  Do submarines need fins?  We will experiment to find the answers to these water mysteries and others.  On the last day, you will show off all the projects you built in our Aqua Adventures showcase!

What You’ll Design & Build

You’ll make dozens of projects during this deep-dive into Aqua Adventures!  Including:

  • The Water Cycle in a Bag
  • A Self-Watering Terrarium
  • A Rain Gauge
  • Rain in a Cup
  • An Edible Aquifer
  • Your Own Watershed
  • A Race to the Drain
  • A Sampling of Different Boat Designs
  • Test Fins for Submarines
  • Vortex-Powered Jellyfish
  • And, More!


And, parents, there’s a secret hidden inside every project!  While the kids are designing and building, they’ll be learning about the Laws of Motion, forces and energy, hydro-dynamics, buoyancy, potential and kinetic energy, gravity and more!