Spy Games

This just might be the coolest class on the planet!  Aspiring secret agents will solve mysteries and right crimes from across history.  At the beginning of each class, our agents will receive a coded mission.  If they choose to accept the challenge, they will track down bad guys, infiltrate enemy strongholds, brave laser-protected vaults to steal back national treasures and more with their spy craft.  They will:

  • Learn Mapping, Strategy, Dead Drops and Disguises
    • Battleship
    • Observation
    • Message Passing
    • Minefield
    • Basic Target Practice
    • Mission:  Be a Super Spy

Of course, that’s not all!  Where would James Bond have been without Q Branch and all its cool gadgets?    Every kid (not to mention most men) would love to have cars that spout jets, shoes that conceal phones and rocks that hide coded messages.  Our agents will design and build:

  • Create Spy Technology
    • Periscopes
    • Tiger Traps
    • Trip Alarms
    • Broken-Seal Alarms
    • Pressure Plate Alarms
    • Mission:  Protect the Treasures at the National Museum
  • Decipher Codes & Ciphers
    • Morse Code
    • Mirror Writing
    • Invisible Ink
    • High-Tech Codes
    • Weapons Training
    • Mission:  Track Down the Missing Treasure
    • Mission:  Avert an Alien Invasion
  • Mission:  Find the Spy
    • Put together all the skills you've learned
    • To solve this final challenge - Who amongst you is a double-agent?  Find him or her before your mission is blown!

Shhh, parents!  Don’t tell your want-to-be spies, but codes and ciphers teach math!  Fingerprinting, facial recognition and all those other crime-solving techniques demonstrate science in action.  And, we will be doing some serious engineering while building those spy gadgets.  Our aspiring secret agents will never know they are the subjects of the ultimate cover up – learning disguised as play!