The Icky, Sticky Human Body

An Anatomy & Physiology Class for the Under 9 Crowd

If you invite a five- to nine-year old kid to a human anatomy and physiology class, you’re likely to hear, “Huh?”  But ask them, instead, if they’re interested in guts, brains and the weird little doohickies in their ears, they’re likely to be intrigued. They’ll be more than intrigued in our “Icky, Sticky Human Body” program.  They’ll laugh.  They’ll dive into more than two dozen hands-on experiments and games like dissecting a cow’s heart and exerting peristaltic action on oatmeal as it moves through “our intestines.”   (Panty hose makes an amazing – and thrillingly disgusting substitute!)  They won’t even notice that they’re learning a ton.

What's on the Menu

  • Cells
    • Make a DNA Model
    • Create a Cell Model (and eat it!)
    • Play the Game “What Kind of Cell Am I?”
    • Make a Cell Division Flip Book
    • Follow Germs Through our Day
    • Grow Some Gross Bacteria
  • The Skeleton
    • Crack some Bones
    • Check out How Certain Substance Break Down Teeth
    • Play Skeleton Bingo
    • Build Your Own Skeleton
  • Muscles & Movement
    • Map Your Muscles
    • Test Your Strength
    • Musical Muscle Identification Game
  • The Circulatory System
    • Test Your Heart
    • Check out an Animal Heart
    • Make a Batch of Blood
  • The Nervous System
    • A Trick of the Eye
    • Play Neuron Tag
    • Test Your Reflexes
    • Map Your Brain
  • The Respiratory System
    • Create a Breathing Lung
    • Test Your Lung Power
    • Breath Like an Asthmatic
  • The Digestive System
    • Make a Model Digestive System
    • Watch Acid in Action
    • Move Food Thru Intestines
    • Filter out Nutrients