Slurp, Sizzle & Sling!

Adventures in Chemistry, Electronics and Engineering for Kids from 9 to 12 Years of Age

What if a STEM class were designed by a kid?  What would he or she choose?  We’re betting it would be just like this because Slurp, Sizzle & Sling! certainly checks all the right boxes!   Glop…Check! Slime…Check!  Fire…Check! Explosions…Check!  Electricity…Check!  Trebuchet…Check!  Join us while we make things slurp, explode, buzz, fizz, gurgle, ooze, sizzle, froth and pop!  Because, of course, what kid doesn’t love to make chaos (in this case – controlled chaos) happen?  And, while we are doing dozens of hands-on projects, we’ll be learning about chemistry, electronics and engineering.

Whats on the Menu

  • Fizzing, Exploding Chemical Reactions
    • A Pool Full of Oobleck
    • Elephant’s Toothpaste
    • Tea Bag Rockets
    • Fire Tornado
    • Glop
    • Dry Ice Crystal Ball Bubbles
  • Sparking, Buzzing Electronics
    • Electro-Dough Circuits
    • Electro Football
    • Electro Sculptures
    • Whoops Robots
    • Junk Bots
  • Fear-Inspiring (but relatively safe) Historical Weapons
    • Paper Clip Trebuchets
    • Airsoft Pen Poppers
    • Hwacha Rockets
  • And, Other Electrifying, Eye-Popping Projects!

And, parents, there’s a secret hidden inside every project!  While the kids making all that magic happen, they’ll be learning about electricity, circuits, chemical reactions, polymers, thermodynamics, surface tension, non-Newtonian fluids and more!