Abracadabra!  Is It Magic, or Is It Science?

This summer, “The School of Wizardry and Magic” is in session! We’ll mix up chemical concoctions, perform feats of illusion and dazzle the audience with super science spells. Together, we will de-mystify the most mystifying feats of magic as we explore:

  • Hydro Magic
  • Chemical Potions
  • Magnetic Magic
  • Abnormal Physics
  • Elect-Tricks
  • Freaky Optics & Illusions

And, as our magicians-in-training are waving their wands, they will be learning the science behind the magic. They will learn about atmospheric pressure, polymers, thermodynamics, mass, gravity, acids, bases, indicators, chemical reactions, flame test, fluorescence, sublimation, exothermic and endothermic reactions and lots more. On the last day, the kids will put on a Marvelous Magic Show for family and friends.