Sparkle, Buzz & Pop Summer Camp

Adventures in Physics and Chemistry

Join us while we make things sparkle, buzz, fizz, explode, gurgle, ooze, sizzle, froth and pop! Because, of course, who doesn’t love to make magic happen? And, while we are doing dozens of hands-on projects, we’ll be learning about physics and chemistry.

What’s on the Menu

  • Sparkling, Buzzing Electricity
    • Electric Playdough
    • Electro-Football
    • Sewn Circuits
  • Dazzling Rainbows & Wondrous Optics
    • Exploring Prisms
    • Disappearing Colors
    • Growing Rainbow Crystals
  • Fizzing, Exploding Chemical Reactions
    • Color-Shifting Potions
    • Paper Bag Volcanos
    • Frankenworms
  • Gurgling, Oozing Liquids
    • Impervious Plastic Bag
    • Milky Muck
    • Bubbling Lava in a Bottle
  • Sizzling, Melting Heat
    • Thermochromic Slime
    • Ice Race
    • Magical, Moving Molecules
  • Frothing, Floating Bubbles
    • Square Bubbles
    • Bouncing Bubbles
    • Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles
    • Bubble Prints
  • And, Other Electrifying, Dazzling, Eye-Popping Projects!

And, parents, there’s a secret hidden inside every project! While the kids making all that magic happen, they’ll be learning about electricity, circuits, optics, chemical reactions, polymers, thermodynamics, surface tension, hydrodynamics and more!