Have Fun, Do Cool Tech Projects and Help Even Cooler Kids!

Here at LEARN Science & Math Club, we offer numerous hands-on, STEM classes and we coach four to six FIRST robotics teams each year.  FIRST robotics programs challenge 100,000s of kids around the world each year to tackle hands-on engineering, physics and programming tasks. It inspires them to explore and propose solutions to real-world problems. Our kids do great work – earning top awards every year for the last ten years including first place awards at State Championships, National Championships and World Festivals – the Super Bowl of robotics.  
Still, there is room for improvement.  The younger robo kids need to develop a more sophisticated chassis, clever attachments and better way-finding techniques.  The older robo kids need to develop a more rigorous production planning program, develop more sophisticated programming logic and create better QA processes.  Plus, there is all kinds of cool things going on in our classes.  So, the kids need all the help they can get from mechanical and electrical engineers, programmers, QA experts and all sorts of other techies.
You can make a huge difference! The LEARN Science & Math Club needs up to twenty mentors to help design, build and program competition robots.  Join us for a whole lot of fun, technical challenges - and help 50 to 60 kids learn and grow.  

Share Your Expertise

Join us on Monday and/or Thursday evenings or Wednesday and/or Friday afternoons, starting in early September. You’ll have a blast while you help the kids build the neatest robots and other techie stuff this side of Harley Davidson. You can choose evenings or afternoons, whichever works best for you!  Just click the “Sign Up” button at right to get involved today!