FREEZE To Save the Planet

If you’re like most of us, you have heard a lot about the climate crisis – the Earth is warming, life on this planet as we know it may go the way of the dinosaurs, and insects could finally take over the planet!(OK, that might be overstating matters a bit, but the real dealis pretty scary.) And, yet, what can you do about it?

We wondered that ourselves.What can a small group of kids and their parents do to save the planet?By ourselves, maybe we can’t do much.We figured, though, that we could do a whole lot if we rounded up our friends, and our friends rounded up their friends and so on until we have enough folks to move the world.

So, that’s what we did.We took the fight to stop Climate Change into our own hands! We staged cool community improv events called “FREEZE to Save the Planet” at the KCMO City Hall, Union Station, Rockhurst University and the FLL Regional Tournament.We wanted to get folks to think and then act.

It got a great reaction!As we handed out postcards with tips for saving energy, the audience was so excited.They wanted to know when we’d FREEZE again so they could bring their family and friends.

We invited teams from around the world to join in and conduct their own FREEZE.And, we posted our video online in the hopes that it would inspire others to come up with new ideas for getting their communities involved, too.

What is the FREEZE?

It’s a community awareness raising event.Similar living art demonstrations have been done around the world, mostly just for the fun of it.We decided to put all that excitement to work. See us in action on YouTube.

How does it work?

Kids from the Learn Science & Math Club and related groups converged on Union Station, City Hall, Rockhurst University and the FLLRegional competitionand froze for five minutes. After the “FREEZE” ended, we showed slides that focus on the changes our planet is undergoing.


Everyone seemsto care about the Earth, but they don’t always know what to do. So, we had to share ideas and get people talking. That’s why we created the “FREEZE” – to grab attention and get people thinking and working together.The “FREEZE” is a fun, stimulating way of starting a dialog.

Want to Join In?

Catch the wave, and stage an event at your school or in your community.It's fun, and it gets people involved. You can make a difference!