When you're planning a lesson on transportation, look first to the resources in your own community. There likely are great organizations nearby who can help you give your kids an insider's perspective. Here in Kansas City, our kids visited:

  • The Mid-America Regional Council
  • The Kansas City Area Transit Authority
  • The Young Eagles
  • The Federal Air Traffic Control Center
  • YRC Worldwide
  • The Missouri Bicycle Federation
  • The Missouri Department of Transportation
  • Kansas City, MO Water Department's Natural Gas Vehicles Project

Our Own Transportation KC Study

Our kids prepared and distributed a 22-question online survey, using Survey Monkey. More than 180 households responded. To read more about this survey, click here.

Transportation Challenges

The following sources provide a wealth of useful information - both local (Kansas City metropolitan area) and U.S.A. We hope you will find them as interesting as we did.


Bike Rental Programs, Safety and Innovative Vehicles