Geeks vs. Geeks

In 2007, LEARN launched Geeks vs. Geeks – a corporate challenge for those who celebrate brains over brawn.   Like the Kansas City Corporate Challenge, Geeks vs. Geeks fosters team-building and camaraderie.  Geeks vs. Geeks also builds awareness and support for children’s programs.

For its early years, Geeks vs. Geeks challenged organizations to send their best and brightest geeks to learn how to build and program the same Mindstorm NXT robots kids from around the world use in FIRST LEGO League (FLL).  When the teams finished their robot-building, they squared off on the FLL competition field to see who’s smarter – one of the adult teams or our world-class teams of 9 to 14-year-old kids.  (Hint:  The kids won every time!)  And, everyone had a blast! 

Geeks has always been a great success!  And, this year, it’s getting even better – we are customizing toy, electric cars for kids with movement disabilities.

To learn more, visit the Geeks vs. Geeks website.